Cabinet series

A flat packed cabinet series. The legs and door handles correspond to each other making a subtle and playfull detail in this clean design.

low board angle .jpg

Lim chair launched at IMM Cologne 2017

Lim chair.jpg

This upholstered dining chair can be made for a very competitive price because the upholster sleeve can be pulled over the plywood shell in one go. It is than invisibly zipped on the back side. The wooden legs sandwich the black steel parts. This way the construction become an important aesthetic detail.

Dining chair for harvink launched

Today the new dining chair for Harvink has been launched at their house show. A versatile chair with two different frame options.

Metropol sanitary for Tortu launched

A full line of sanitary products for Dutch brand Tortu ahs been launched. This Metropol collection was inspired on the mid century modern design movement from the fifties and is aimed at the high-end hotel and consumer market.

Swipe sofa for pode launched

We recently launched a new sofa for Pode. The basic idea of this sofa is that two stitch lines on the right en left side of the product define the whole design. Simple and elegant.

LiliLite crowdfunding huge succes!

Recently we launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the renewed LiliLite. We managed to raise $75.391,- in 30 days in pre-orders. Visit the crowdfunding campaign page here.

chair in Stedelijk Museum of modern art

It's official now. Proud to announce:
My work is in the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art!
We received an official thank you note for the donation from the director herself.
We can only say... You're welcome!

Sparkle receives recognition Good Industrial Design

An independent jury, under chairman Professor Wim Poelman, picked the design out of 60 submissions. This is an award for the craftsmanship of the designer as well as it is for the producer. “To win this award a product needs to be more than just beautiful. Functionality, innovation en material-use are as important.”

New sofa launched at IMM Köln

During the IMM in Köln our latest design was launched.
A comfortable sofa that wears it's wooden or steel constructive structure on the outside. Upholstered double curved cushions are placed in this frame to finalize the design.
Now available via Harvink

Decor b3 tweed blauw_noot_za THUMB.jpg

Storytelling Watch Society

We designed a very special storage unit for The Storytelling Watch Society.

Watches that, by applying a tag, icon or text on the dial, refer to a major event in the wearers life. For example a birth, a retirement, graduation or death. The pebble shape of this stone resin unit represents something that is shaped by the flow of water/life. On this pebble the life time event is written out in a poem. The tags, icons and poems are custom made by an international pool of poets, writers, graphic designers and artist.

A very special gift for a very special event.

Sparkle lounge chair for Pode

We recently developed a new lounge chair for Leolux. A compact, very comfortable chair which will fit in even the smallest urban appartment. Fabrics, stich and frame color can be customized to your liking. This way you can make very bold combinations or you can choose for a more conventional approach. 100% pure craftmanship, made in Holland.

Design-Driven Companies Outperform S&P by 228%

The most innovative companies in the world share one thing in common. They use design as an integrative resource to innovate more efficiently and successfully.  Yet many businesses don’t make it a priority to invest in design - often because the value of design is hard to measure and define as a business strategy. Continue reading...

New studio space

Recently we have moved our design studio to 4 new spaces in the same building on the Keizersgracht 174 in Amsterdam. After some renovation works we have had a grand opening last friday. Many joined us for some drinks.

A propper upgrade if you ask us!

LiliLite exhibited in Milan

Our LiliLite will be shown during the international Salone del Mobile 2013. It will be part of the exhibition "AROUND THE BOOK" at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum from 4-29 April. 

Museo Poldi Pezzoli
Via Manzoni, 12
20121 Milano

Gispen Today furniture in VPRO's Tegenlicht

The Gispen Today chairs and dining table were featured in an episode of Tegenlicht, a Dutch documentary series. Scientist and philosopher Bas Haring researches the labour market of the future, where instead of earning money, happiness and freedom are becoming the primal goal.

Watch the episode of Tegenlicht here.

Studio Smeets Design solo exhibition

Studio Smeets has a solo exhibition at Inside Design, organised by Elle Decoration. Inside Design is a temporary design invasion in Amsterdam. A pop-up design route through IJburg connects temporary units, a stackable camping, mobile dressed windows, and many other locations.

The Studio Smeets exhibition will be from 21 till 23 September at the Ben van Meerendonkstraat 317-6.

Brands must embrace the design era

All businesses, no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design. And by "design" I am referring to a broad and deliberately applied discipline, with the aim of creating simpler, more meaningful, rewarding experiences for people. It is no coincidence that brands that really value design and utilise it to secure a competitive advantage are winning. Continue reading this article...

Gispen Today launched in Milan

During the Salone Del Mobile 2012 in Milan the collection Gispen Today designed by Thijs Smeets will be launched.

You are all welcome on 19 April from 17.00 onwards in the lobby of the Nhow Hotel on Via Tortona 35 in Milan.